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A Bit About Us

RSSFC was established in 2002 as a community-based social service organization with charitable status. 

(charitable # 855563391RR0001)

Its primary mission is to attend to the needs and concerns of the growing Rwandan community in Ottawa and other immigrants, especially those from neighbouring countries (Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, etc.) of similar culture and speaking related Bantu languages (Swahili, Kinyarwanda and Kirundi).

This mission is accomplished through direct social services, partnerships and advocacy.  All members share the philosophy that the success of the community and building its capacity to deal with issues depends upon treating each other with dignity, respect and compassion.

Since its inception, the organization has provided culturally and linguistically appropriate support services to its members (see the attachment for a complete list of programs and services).  This includes French services, as it is the dominant language in many of the countries from which our clients originate, and many live in Gatineau partly because it is French.  The services provided are designed to support Rwandan refugees and immigrants during the difficult, complex and stressful process of acculturation.  The organization aims to build self-sufficiency and decrease dependence on public assistance among Rwandans in Ottawa.  It seeks to encourage and empower disenfranchised members of the Rwandan community to become socially and economically stable and to help them become well-adjusted, responsible, and contributing members of our society.

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